Masterclass: How Car Dealers Use Data to Sell More Cars



Car dealerships have come a long way since the days of pushy salespeople and cheesy TV commercials. In today’s world, car dealers are using sophisticated business analytics to sell more cars.And it’s not just the big-name dealerships either.

Even small mom-and-pop dealerships are taking advantage of the power of data and business analytics to improve their sales strategies. We at Leadfire are data junkies, and we know how to use data to drive sales.

Today we’re going to discuss:

  • How you’re sitting on data gold mines
  • How you can leverage customer data to get more sales
  • And how to use AI and machine learning to make smarter decisions

How You’re Sitting on Data Gold mines

Every decision you make is based on data.

You brush your teeth with the data from your last dental check-up. You plan your vacation based on past experiences and research. However, the difference between an amateur and a professional is someone who uses data to make business decisions versus someone who guesses and hopes for the best.

As marketing extraordinaire Seth Godin once said, “Data beats feelings.”
The same is true for car dealerships. You can access data points like customer demographics, buying preferences, and sales trends. This is called dealer management systems (DMS).

For example, if data shows that a dealership’s customer base is largely made up of families with young children, your dealership may focus on selling more SUVs and minivans with ample space and safety features. This is called Behavioural Analytics. On the other hand, if the data shows that a dealership’s customers are mostly single professionals, they may focus on selling sleek sports cars or high-end luxury vehicles. That’s data 101, now, here’s a masterclass.

The Best Tools For Leveraging Customer Data

Now that you know the importance of data, let’s talk about how to use it.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the best way to leverage customer data. A CRM is a powerful tool that allows you to track customer information, buying patterns, and preferences.

Here are the 3 best CRMs on the market:

  • 1. Salesforce – This cloud-based CRM offers a variety of features like lead and customer tracking, automated campaigns, and analytics.
  • 2. HubSpot – This all-in-one platform helps you manage your customer relationships with powerful tools like marketing automation and reporting.
  • 3. Zoho – This comprehensive CRM helps you manage sales and marketing with features like lead scoring and team collaboration.

Car dealerships are also using data to optimize their marketing. If data shows that most customers are finding the dealership through online search engines, the dealership may invest more in search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) to increase their visibility in search results. Alternatively, if data shows that most customers are finding the dealership through word-of-mouth referrals, the dealership may invest more in referral programs or social media marketing to encourage customers to spread the word.

Sales Funnels Are Money Trees

Sales funnels without data analysis are like building a house without a blueprint. You may get it done but won’t get the full benefits of building correctly.

Your sales funnel is the path your customers take from discovery to purchase. With data analysis – that you can gather through Leadfire or a CRM – it will show when customers are dropping out of the sales funnel at the financing stage, for example. You can then adjust your strategy accordingly to reduce drop-outs and increase conversions.

Alternatively, if data shows that customers are spending a lot of time in the negotiation stage, the dealership may train their salespeople on negotiation tactics to help speed up the process.

It’s like the wise old saying: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

Using AI and Chat Bots to Make Smarter Decisions

AI has never been easier to use. AI-powered chatbots can be used to provide customers with personalized advice or helpful information while they are browsing the dealership’s website.

We asked Microsoft’s ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, how the dealership can use it to make smarter decisions.

ChatGPT replied, “AI auto will be the driving force behind a new era of retail experiences in the automotive industry. One potential application of ChatGPT in auto retail is through the use of chatbots, which are computer programs that can simulate human conversation. Chatbots can be integrated into website or mobile apps, allowing customers to interact with the dealership or automaker in a conversational way.” 

Additionally, AI tools like predictive analytics can be used to identify customer trends and preferences and predict future sales. This data can then be used to optimize marketing campaigns or create more targeted products.

A Final Thought on Business Analytics

As a car dealership, data analytics will help you to:

  • Use it to pinpoint the perfect prospects
  • Build strong relationships with customers
  • Boosting ROI while improving efficiency
  • Gain an edge in online marketing
  • Make smarter decisions based on customer trends and preferences.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to leveraging data analytics to increase car sales. Start using data analytics today to help your dealership reach new heights and make more sales than ever before!

Good luck!

Big budget, Big deal! Is your dealership wasting marketing dollars?

Big budget, Big deal! Is your dealership wasting marketing dollars?

Big budget, Big deal! Is your dealership wasting marketing dollars?

Sometimes the truth hurts, it can be confusing and even daunting. 

The recent major investments made by Salesforce & Google into consumer data have sent a loud message: if car dealers or business owners want success, they need to jump on board and enter the new marketing era built on data-driven insights.

Ignoring these changes could mean succumbing to the pain of failure – it’s time for auto retailers everywhere to start embracing our modern data-driven world.

We here at Leadfire understand the need to make informed decisions. We’ll guide you through this new marketing era like Virgil guiding Dante, providing you with the power to stay ahead of your competitors. 

We have a team of experts in data analysis and automation who will make sure you never waste a single dollar on marketing.


Digital Audience Data

According to a recent study, the majority of shoppers are now using digital channels to research their next vehicle.

This means to create unforgettable customer experiences, dealerships must listen to their audience’s needs and take deliberate steps to eliminate any pain points.

To get even closer in touch with your customers’ preferences, digital ad targeting can hone into the exact type of buyers you’re looking for based on amazing insights such as vehicle make & model, purchase intent & location data – just a few pieces of information that could be sourced from local service centers or national sources!

Here’s how to start:

  • 1. Identify your target customers and your marketing channels to reach them.
  • 2. Leverage platforms like Facebook Ads,  Google Ads, and Email Marketing to reach the right people. If you can’t do this, Leadfire can help!
  • 3. Optimize your digital channels based on customer feedback, using data such as A/B testing and analytics.

New Mover Data

According to a Zillow survey, new movers are 90% more likely than established residents to purchase a car within six months.

This means new movers must be at the top of the priority list for most dealerships.

See? This is the power of data-driven marketing.

Consider these additional statistics regarding the automotive businesses:

  • 95% of car buyers begin their search online
  • 65% of people who took their vehicle in for service first heard about the service center through video (Leadfire can help you out with this too!)
  • Mobile searches for “most reliable car(s)” have grown by over 70% in the past two years (e.g., “most reliable used cars,” “most reliable sports cars,” “most reliable car ever”).

By using data to understand and analyze your customers’ journey, you can develop powerful strategies that will help you stand out from the competition.


The Power of a Mobile App


The power of a mobile app can also be harnessed to engage customers in a more meaningful way.

You’ll be able to stay connected with customers even when they’re not at your dealership, and you can get insights into their behavior – from where they are driving their car to what services they need.

Leadfire’s mobile app allows dealers to:

  • Track and monitor customer activity
  • Create personalized offers tailored to each customer
  • Make it easier for customers to book appointments
  • Provide vehicle maintenance reminders and notifications
  • Send personalized service offers

Key Takeaway

Leadfire understands that this new age of data-driven marketing can be intimidating, but the benefits of using data to inform your marketing decisions are invaluable.

By leveraging customer feedback, digital channels and new mover data, you can better understand and serve your customers – making for a more personalized experience and ultimately greater customer loyalty.

Start leveraging these powerful insights today to stay ahead of the competition.


How Leadfire Writes a Killer Blog Post for Your Business

Blogging is still a popular and powerful way for companies to engage with their audience, boost brand visibility, and grow leads. It’s why “how to write a killer  blog post” trends on Google throughout the year.

In fact, 82 percent of companies actively use content marketing to grow their business.

At Leadfire, we keep up with the latest trends in SEO and content marketing to ensure your blog posts make an impact. Our experienced online marketers have worked with a variety of companies, from start-ups to established businesses.

We understand what it takes to create compelling blog post content that drives traffic and engagement.

Here’s how we write killer blog posts for ourselves and our clients.

Leadfire’s Framework of a Persuasive Blog Post (Plus an Outline You Can Steal)

We don’t just throw words onto a page and hope for the best. Our framework is proven to work time and time again:

  1. A catchy, attention-grabbing headline: According to Copyblogger, 80 percent of people will read your headline; only 20 percent will continue on to read the rest.
  1. Subheads that clearly define each section of the post: Subheadings are like writing miniature headings; without engaging ones, you will lose readers.
  1. An introduction that quickly engages readers with an overview of what the post is about: Your hook doesn’t need to be long, but it should make people want to continue reading and see what you have to say.
  1. Quality content backed by data, research and anecdotes: We create custom graphs and infographics that turn boring data into share-worthy visuals.
  1. A conclusion with a call to action: Make sure you clearly define what the reader should do next, whether it’s to share a post on social media or sign up for your newsletter.
  1. Images to break up the text, add interest, and emphasize key points: Another interesting fact, according to Buzzsumo, articles with at least one image every 75-100 words outperform articles without visuals.
  1. Appropriate internal links to keep readers engaged and boost SEO: Internal links lead readers to other posts on your site and keep them from clicking away.

These seven components combine to create a persuasive blog post that will get people talking and drive leads.

Not to mention that we have a former USA Today journalist writing for us so the prose is guaranteed to be elegant and seamless – not a typo in sight!

It’s Not Always About the Blog, It’s About What it Leads To

A blog post is like planting a seed of a Californian Redwood. If you nurture it correctly and give it the right amount of sunlight, you can watch it grow into something amazing.

At Leadfire, we understand that the blog post is just the beginning. Once it’s published, we use social media promotion and email campaigns to help spread your message; blogs provide you content to reuse and repurpose.

We maximize the ROI of your content by optimizing it for search engine visibility and leveraging our network to increase reach.

Plus, as Mr. Beast said of blog posts, “One good quality post lasts a lifetime – it’s why it’s worth getting right.”

Are You Ready to Take Your Blogging Game to the Next Level?

Let us help you create quality content that will help grow your business. With our years of experience, we guarantee results – and you won’t have to worry about a single typo!

Contact us today to learn how Leadfire can help you craft a winning blog post and boost your brand visibility.

Let’s get started!

API’s and Software Integration: A Huge Need in the Automotive Industry

API and Software integration: A Huge Need in the Automotive Industry

API and Software integration: A Huge Need in the Automotive Industry   

It’s no secret that the automotive industry is entering a new era of high-tech innovation: one dominated by software integration.

As cars become smarter and more connected, the need for software development grows exponentially. That’s where Leadfire comes in! Our team of software developers who have accumulated mountains of data to create vast databases with info like vehicle images, VIN decoding records and license plate scanning systems (just to name a few) can help you harness the power of technology to create custom automated solutions.

We’re like a one-stop shop for any automotive-related software development needs.

Whether you need an API to connect your inventory and sales system or something more advanced, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your software is running smoothly and efficiently.

Let’s bring your business to the 21st century:


Why Dev Services are Salient in the Automotive Industry

Ten years ago, the automotive industry was mainly focused on engine and bodywork. Today, software integration, API development, and data analysis are playing a major role in the success of car companies.

At Leadfire we’ve had success in each category:

  • We built a Loan Origination System in 9 months: This system gives dealerships a comprehensive overview of all sales statistics and allows for the processing of applications in one place. This is a huge game-changer as it will provide valuable data that was previously unavailable and make the car-buying process more efficient for both the customer and the dealer.

  • We integrated Dealer Track and Route 1 within 30 days: Dealertrack & Routeone helps you do more in less time, so your dealership can maximize profits and keep customers satisfied. We all know this isn’t a simple task but with Matt’s leadership and a tactical dev ops team; we made it happen. We have now done this 4 times! On both the lender and digital retail solution angles!

  • API Integration: We’ve worked with API’s in all verticals including pricing, inventory and even customer analytics. That has included working with customers to develop innovative solutions that connect their data to provide them insights they never knew existed.

  • Launched & Help Scale a Digital Retail Platform: 

  • Successfully Built over 20 Dealer Websites:

No project is too big; no challenge too daunting.

We’ve worked with dealers, lenders, big banks and manufacturers. We believe that by providing this data and these tools, we can help auto companies thrive in the new car-buying landscape


Why LeadFire is Better Than the Competition for any Development projects in Automotive

Leadfire was founded by Matthew Gonzalez, a digital marketing specialist turned software guru. His vision was to provide a comprehensive software development service that could help companies in the auto industry increase their efficiency and profits by harnessing the power of data.

“With my experience and knowledge of digital marketing, it was clear what the next steps would be: building a commerce solution and engineering the future of auto. Although I’ve never sold a car to a consumer – I have sold hundreds of thousands of products to consumers online.” – Matthew Gonzalez

One of our recent successes was with a Carvana competitor called “Dash.” Which sold in 2020 for an undiclosed ammount.

With Dealer Innovations we created “Dash Digital Retail” — a cohesive platform that streamlines every step of purchasing any car from start to finish. We built this system so everything — from purchasing to financing — can be done on your time and at home!

The customer simply browses for their perfect vehicle while completing transactions such as negotiations or down payments without cutting any corners.


DI’s vision for leasing and integrated software allowed us the flexibility to infuse Matt’s artificial brain (literally speaking) within all products we intend to build. Dash cuts Leasly’s time to market by nearly 75%.

Work with us in 2 ways: By Project or Outsourcing

Leadfire is the go-to choice for automotive software solutions – our combination of expertise in digital marketing and software engineering makes us your top pick. We offer a variety of services, and we can work with you to develop custom solutions tailored to your needs.

We also offer outsourcing services, allowing you to outsource some of your software development projects to us. This allows you to focus on the bigger picture and have confidence that your project will be completed on time and to the highest quality standards.

If you have any questions drop us a line.

Now, if you’ll pardon us, we’re going back to the drawing board and ready to work on the next big thing. So, what do you have in store for us? Let’s get the ball rolling