How Leadfire Writes a Killer Blog Post for Your Business

Blogging is still a popular and powerful way for companies to engage with their audience, boost brand visibility, and grow leads. It’s why “how to write a killer  blog post” trends on Google throughout the year.

In fact, 82 percent of companies actively use content marketing to grow their business.

At Leadfire, we keep up with the latest trends in SEO and content marketing to ensure your blog posts make an impact. Our experienced online marketers have worked with a variety of companies, from start-ups to established businesses.

We understand what it takes to create compelling blog post content that drives traffic and engagement.

Here’s how we write killer blog posts for ourselves and our clients.

Leadfire’s Framework of a Persuasive Blog Post (Plus an Outline You Can Steal)

We don’t just throw words onto a page and hope for the best. Our framework is proven to work time and time again:

  1. A catchy, attention-grabbing headline: According to Copyblogger, 80 percent of people will read your headline; only 20 percent will continue on to read the rest.
  1. Subheads that clearly define each section of the post: Subheadings are like writing miniature headings; without engaging ones, you will lose readers.
  1. An introduction that quickly engages readers with an overview of what the post is about: Your hook doesn’t need to be long, but it should make people want to continue reading and see what you have to say.
  1. Quality content backed by data, research and anecdotes: We create custom graphs and infographics that turn boring data into share-worthy visuals.
  1. A conclusion with a call to action: Make sure you clearly define what the reader should do next, whether it’s to share a post on social media or sign up for your newsletter.
  1. Images to break up the text, add interest, and emphasize key points: Another interesting fact, according to Buzzsumo, articles with at least one image every 75-100 words outperform articles without visuals.
  1. Appropriate internal links to keep readers engaged and boost SEO: Internal links lead readers to other posts on your site and keep them from clicking away.

These seven components combine to create a persuasive blog post that will get people talking and drive leads.

Not to mention that we have a former USA Today journalist writing for us so the prose is guaranteed to be elegant and seamless – not a typo in sight!

It’s Not Always About the Blog, It’s About What it Leads To

A blog post is like planting a seed of a Californian Redwood. If you nurture it correctly and give it the right amount of sunlight, you can watch it grow into something amazing.

At Leadfire, we understand that the blog post is just the beginning. Once it’s published, we use social media promotion and email campaigns to help spread your message; blogs provide you content to reuse and repurpose.

We maximize the ROI of your content by optimizing it for search engine visibility and leveraging our network to increase reach.

Plus, as Mr. Beast said of blog posts, “One good quality post lasts a lifetime – it’s why it’s worth getting right.”

Are You Ready to Take Your Blogging Game to the Next Level?

Let us help you create quality content that will help grow your business. With our years of experience, we guarantee results – and you won’t have to worry about a single typo!

Contact us today to learn how Leadfire can help you craft a winning blog post and boost your brand visibility.

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